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Meet The Team

Shana Wade, PMP

Co-Founder &

Principal People Connector & Employee Engager

                                         I’ve spent over 20 years curating and implementing                                                strategies to attract, hire, and retain top talent across                                            many verticals specializing in Healthcare IT, FinTech, and                                      Start-ups.

I’ve always been driven to connect with people and connect people with others. I’ve been on this path from the start. The reason? I love seeing people engaged and excited about opportunities. I enjoy seeing companies achieve amazing things because they are matched with the right talent and a shared purpose.  I absolutely believe that companies with a strong culture, engaged employees, and that share a real sense of comradery are simply more successful than their competition. 

My clients will tell you that I have a real knack for finding niche talent, and for building world-class teams that deliver!   I’ve learned that most recruiting, employee engagement and process problems can be solved by building relationships based on accountability, honest communication, and listening like your business depends on it... BECAUSE IT DOES!


My Experience:

  • 20+ years of Recruiting

  • KPI Development

  • Project Management

  • System Selection & Implementation

  • Process improvement:

    • Recruiting 

    • Interviewing

    • Candidate Engagement & Selection

    • Onboarding

    • Training

    • Employee Engagement

On a lighter note, I’m a lover of music, food, adventure, and my family & friends. I LOVE what I do, can bust out a mean robot, am an expert sushi orderer, and my dogs are totally spoiled. 

Shana Wade SymphonicHCM

Laura Sheilds - Kathman

Co-Founder &

Principal Client Engager & Market Expander

Laura Shields Kathman SymphonicHCM

Before joining SymphonicHCM, I founded

LSK Consulting, a boutique search firm in

Denver, Colorado, specializing in supporting clients

nationally with their consulting and search projects. 

I worked on the coolest searches in asset/wealth management and investment operations and services, legal settlement services, consumer packaged goods/retail, medical device, and various startups. 

Prior to that, I spent 15 years in corporate talent acquisition…hiring the best and the brightest in Retail, Asset Management, Oil & Gas, Healthcare IT.  

I am passionate about getting it right…for my clients and my candidates.  Saying ‘no’ is hard and a big part of my job…but is so valued to those I work with because they know they truly have an advocate at the table with them making the hard decisions for their team and their career.

Becoming a partner in SymphonicHCM gives me the opportunity to continue to work from the heart…to have client relationships that give me a unique birds-eye view of organizations and translate that to sought after candidates. 


Off the clock…I’m golfing, studying Pilates, traveling, exploring wines with my husband and doing a lot of laughing with my friends and family!