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Let's Talk About SMART Goals!

Updated: May 4

Last week on our LinkedIn, we asked "Do you set daily/weekly goals for yourself?" 50% answered, "No, maybe I should." Goal setting is a simple and effective way to hold ourselves accountable and measure our successes.

What are SMART Goals?

SMART stands for:

Specific: What EXACTLY are you going to accomplish? The more specific your goals are, the more clear your plan of action is.

Measurable: How are you going to track your progress/success?

Attainable: Do you have the skills, resources, and appropriate time to accomplish this goal?

Relevant: Is this important now, or does it align with a long-term goal?

Timely: When is your deadline to complete this goal?

How To Set SMART Goals For Yourself:

  • Set aside time weekly to create your goals.

  • What's a long-term goal with a deadline in the future? You could separate this goal into steps, and complete one step per week for example.

  • This method will keep you on track, and hits every aspect of SMART!

  • When it's time to create new goals, assess your goals from last week - what were your challenges, accomplishments, completion rate, etc.

How To Set SMART Goals For Your Team:

  • Review organizational/department objectives.

  • Work with your team so that each member understands their contribution to the organization's objectives.

  • Have each team member volunteer for tasks and set goals that align with their objectives.

  • Utilize action verbs, numbers, and deadlines to make the goals specific and measurable.

  • SMART goals are most effective when there is clear communication, feedback, and recognition.

Try setting SMART goals for yourself this Monday and see if your productivity improves! At SymphonicHCM, we focus on SMART goals in our weekly team meetings - evaluating past goals and setting new ones! It really helps to keep us on track and share our successes!

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