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My First 90 Days

"From graduating in May at Michigan State University, to working full time - I've survived my first 90 days in the recruiting industry! As the Talent Coordination Specialist at SymphonicHCM, I manage the company's social media, marketing, and branding, as well as assist our top-notch recruiters. In college, most of my experience consisted of marketing, public relations, and employee relations, and being a part of on and off-campus organizations. I always enjoyed changing my norm and exploring new avenues. When presented with this opportunity, the marketing component was familiar but not the recruiting side. I tried to come in with no expectations, other than being ready to learn anything and everything. I enjoy the fast paced and ever changing environment, and being able to make a positive impact throughout the recruiting experience for candidates. So far, I've been learning about the entire process from the client and candidate sides, and have observed how important personalization is - this process is not a 'one size fits all' formula for every client, position, or candidate. This field is so important because we allow the client to do what they do best, and we handle the rest! And, finding the right candidate for a role can have such a tremendous impact on a team. I'm excited to grow in this industry and continue to learn!"

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