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Symphonic News: Volume 1

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Symphonic News: Volume 1

This summer, our team had the chance to get out and explore! Olivia and her family came to Colorado; Jay and his family headed up to Michigan to hang out with friends and family; Tanya and her family took a Colorado/Utah/Wyoming road trip to visit the Great Salt Lake. Laura traveled to Charleston and Shana just took a weekend getaway in Telluride!

It’s amazing how fast the summer flies, so we hope you were able to soak it up and make the most of the long days!

On September 6th, our team had a day of learning and development with ATAP - Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals! On Global TA Day, we attended sessions focusing on many different areas of Talent Acquisition, and we are excited to use these tools to better serve YOU!

We’ve had a busy August, and have connected several awesome candidates with our amazing clients. Congratulations to Aaron Bork, Dawson Gallay, and Jackson Her on starting new positions last month!

Find your next great opportunity!

  • Sr Manager, Global Accounts Payable in Denver, CO

  • Single Events Managing Attorney in Austin, TX

  • QSF Analyst in Houston, TX

  • Director of Operational Training in Austin, TX

  • Director of Continuous Improvement in Houston, TX

Know someone who would be amazing for any of these roles?

Or an awesome company that's building their team?

Connect us with a great candidate or client and you will be Symphonic Rewarded!

Give us a name that turns into a submission or a client meeting: $5 Starbucks gift card

If your referral gets a client interview, or your referral leads to a search with a new client: $25 Visa/Mastercard gift card

If your referral gets placed, or we make a placement with your referral: $250 Visa/Mastercard gift card and a special thank you surprise!

Last month, we asked our community on LinkedIn what they thought the best day to apply for a new position was, and there was a tie between Monday and Tuesday! Research shows that job seekers who apply on Tuesdays have a greater chance of advancing through the hiring process!

Follow us on social media to participate in polls and stay up to date on all things SymphonicHCM!

That's a wrap on Symphonic News - Volume 1! Let us know what you would like to see in future volumes, and we'll see you next month!

The SymphonicHCM Team

Shana, Laura, Tanya, Olivia and Jay

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