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The Importance of Employee Wellness

We asked on LinkedIn, "Does your job have programs/benefits that promote employee wellness?" According to this poll, 50% said "No" or "Not sure". Since 2020, workplace stress and fatigue have been a burning topic, and employers are taking steps to promote employee wellness.

What are the most important elements of an employee wellness program?

  • Awareness of Benefits: 73% of employees report that if offered access to more benefits, they would stay with their employer longer. Clear and regular communication will ensure employees know about these programs.

  • Encouraging Participation: Challenges or other incentives to encourage participation, such as a leaderboard with the number of classes taken or a "7-day challenge".

  • Strong Leadership Sponsorship: If employees see leaders using wellness programs/benefits, they're more likely to try it. Also, word of mouth goes a long way! Encourage conversation about programs and invite colleagues to join you.

  • Requesting Regular Feedback: It's important to know what your employees want and need! Surveys will help you better understand what support would benefit your team best.

What are the benefits of implementing benefits/programs that increase employee wellness?

  • Higher Employee Engagement: Workplace stress is one of the leading causes of absenteeism. When stress is managed, employees have higher morale and better relationships with teammates.

  • Lower Turnover Rate: Employees want to feel appreciated and valued of course, and wellness programs show you are committed and supportive.

  • Higher Productivity: 57% of employees report a correlation between well-being and productivity.

  • Better Company Culture: These programs often reflect the company's values and culture, and create happy and healthy employees.

What are some examples of employee wellness programs?

Health screenings, group fitness classes, healthy food options with a large variety available, or space to meditate/recharge at work.

SymphonicHCM understands the importance of employee wellness to create strong, productive, and supportive employees and teams. And we partner with companies that value these changes as well!


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