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Work-Life Balance

On our LinkedIn, we asked, "Do you feel you currently have a good work-life balance?" 45% responded by saying "It could be better." Here are 3 tips to implement in your life, and the structure of your team, to foster a healthy environment!


For You: Life gets complicated... you may feel a mountain of responsibilities grow with work, family, and just life. Burnout often comes from setting unattainable goals. Try to prioritize your tasks for the day and not over-commit yourself!

Leaders: Emphasize excellence, not perfection. Even if a team member doesn't perfectly execute a task, what did they learn in the process? What specifically can they do differently in the future to achieve a new outcome?


For You: Technology has improved our work lives in many ways, but it can easily blur the lines of work and life when you can clock in anywhere, anytime. Set clear work hours for yourself, for example turning off your devices while watching a movie with family. Make quality time TRUE quality time.

Leaders: Lead by example! Share with your team the activities you do to unplug. Creating a space to share these activities will also allow everyone to get to know each other outside of their "work" selves!


For You: Many workaholics will set big goals - cutting their work week in half, running 5 extra miles, etc. This can be a recipe for failure. Start small by adding something to your routine once a week, and build after you can consistently meet these goals.

Leaders: Goal setting is an important part of improvement, and tracking success. As part of your team's weekly or monthly goal-oriented meetings, have everyone include one non-work related goal!

What activities do you stick to to create a work-life balance?

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