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Resume Tips - Soft Skills

Updated: May 21

Aside from technical skills, these 5 soft skills are valuable to all employers!

Effective Communication: Being able to simplify complex problems and adjust your approach to different audiences is key in any size team! On your resume, describe a time you displayed effective communication, such as providing direction/guidance for a coworker, or coaching someone to success.

Teamwork: Being able to collaborate and create synergy with coworkers is essential in all positions. Tell YOUR STORY by displaying your ability to work with different personalities and perspectives, and how you have resolved conflicts.

Influencing Without Authority: If you're just starting out in your professional career, this is a great attribute in moving up to higher title positions! Highlight an example of when you presented a solution which yielded higher profit, sales, traffic, etc.

Problem Solving: Every job has challenges - being able to understand the root cause of a problem and brainstorm solutions shows logic-based reasoning. Is there a time you solved a problem in a nontraditional way, ensuring long-term success for your position, team, and company?

Leadership: No matter your specific title, when you demonstrate leadership you have the power to guide others! Highlight YOUR VOICE by describing your coaching capabilities and how you have influenced others to maximize their potential or achieve a collective goal.

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