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How It Started!

Earlier this year, Laura and Shana were interviewed for Boss Babes and discussed SymphonicHCM, their partnership, and the keys to success! Here's a sneak peek from their conversation:

"What challenges have you faced in growing SymphonicHCM? And what strategies have you used to help your business succeed?"

"When the pandemic hit, we were a young company, and honestly, we didn’t know what would unfold. The world sat still for several months, and we did, too, waiting to see how things would shake out. There was little to no hiring happening, and monies weren’t being allocated for new projects. So, we switched gears.

We began spending our time checking in on our clients and candidates to see how they were doing, nothing more. We just wanted to make sure they (and their families) were doing alright. It wasn’t a strategy but more of an extension of our values.

It WASN’T the right time to be looking for business. But it WAS the right time to check in with our people, and that’s what we did.

Taking that approach made an impact, and before summer hit, we were busier than we could have imagined! When we asked our clients about it later, they came to us when the time was right because we took a people-first approach. And that continues to be our focus and strategy to this day. It’s what helps us stand apart."

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