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Meet Tanya Jones

Tanya Jones is a senior talent acquisition leader who has nearly 2 decades of recruiting experience! Tanya started her career in university admissions before moving into the world of staffing, and she has worked on both agency and in-house recruiting teams. She has experience recruiting everyone from interns to Executives, and has built global recruiting teams to support business expansion.

Tanya believes that a successful recruiter is both relationship-driven and business-driven - she strives to make deep connections with hiring leaders and candidates, and strives to understand how the role she is filling impacts business initiatives. Tanya has a strong track record of building efficient processes and high-performing teams, and is a pragmatic, people-first leader.

When she's not in the office, you'll generally find Tanya chauffeuring her kids around town, trying a new restaurant (or visiting an old favorite), or tinkering with projects around the house.

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