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Welcome To The Team!

Meet our latest addition to the SymphonicHCM team, Tanya Jones! She is our Managing Director, Talent Acquisition & Engagement!

Tanya Jones is a senior talent acquisition leader who has been in the TA space for over 15 years! Tanya started her career in university admissions before moving into the world of staffing, where she quickly moved from a recruiting coordinator to technical recruiter role. Tanya has worked on both agency and in-house recruiting teams, and has been leading TA teams since 2015. She is a pragmatic, people-first leader who believes that the key to successful recruiting is strong relationships. Her strong track record of building efficient processes and high-performing teams enabled her most recent company to hire over 800 people in 2022. In addition to geeking out over talent acquisition, Tanya has a passion for technology education and for creating pathways that bring underrepresented groups into the Tech sector!

Welcome Tanya, we are so lucky to have you and can't wait to see the AMAZING work you'll accomplish in this role!

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