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Symphonic News: Volume 6

Symphonic News: Volume 6

Happy February! The SymphonicHCM team has been up to lots of fun, starting 2024 off right! Over President's Day weekend, the team traveled to see family and friends - Laura and Jay to Las Vegas and Tanya to Richmond! Shana is off to Hawaii next week, and Olivia moved into a new apartment!

February is the month of love, and something we love the most is our pets!! Can you match the SymphonicHCM team member to their furry companion? Click on the photo to submit your guess!

2024 has started with a bang! Congratulations to Rosemarie Leslie on starting your new position in January. We're so excited for you!

Find your next great opportunity!

  • Scrum Master in Denver, CO

  • Client & Product Implementation PM in Denver, CO

  • Client Onboarding Specialist in Long Island, NY

  • Vice President of IT in Denver, CO

  • HR Generalist in Denver, CO

  • Regulatory & Financial Report Manager in Denver, CO

  • Sales Executive, Single Events in Houston, TX

Know someone who would be amazing for any of these roles?

Or an awesome company that's building their team?

Connect us with a great candidate or client and you will be Symphonic Rewarded!

Give us a name that turns into a submission or a client meeting: $5 Starbucks gift card 


If your referral gets a client interview, or your referral leads to a search with a new client: $25 Visa/Mastercard gift card


If your referral gets placed, or we make a placement with your referral: $250 Visa/Mastercard gift card and a special thank you surprise!

Last week, we asked our community on LinkedIn, "How many of you feel nervous and disorganized when prepping for an interview?" 80% answered "I do" or "Sometimes."

To help our candidates and clients be successful, we use the STAR Method! This technique helps you structure your stories using specific projects, and describing the outcomes of your actions. Click the photo to learn more!

Follow us on social media to participate in polls and stay up to date on all things SymphonicHCM!

That's a wrap on Symphonic News - Volume 6! Let us know what you would like to see in future volumes, and we'll see you next month!

The SymphonicHCM Team

Shana, Laura, Tanya, Olivia and Jay

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