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Symphonic News: Volume 7

Symphonic News: Volume 7

Happy March! Spring is in the air and we are pumped for the warm weather ahead! Shana ended February with an amazing trip to Hawaii and Jay celebrated his birthday! Laura visited LA, it rained all weekend but had a great time! Olivia is finally done adding the final touches to her new apartment, and Tanya is planning her spring break! Do you have fun spring break plans?

In these first few months of 2024, we've been focusing on unlocking productivity - sharing ways to stay on track and crush your goals! We asked the SymphonicHCM team, "How Do You Keep Track Of Your To-Do List?" Do you use any of these tools as well?

We’ve been busy identifying awesome talent, scheduling interviews, and making the magic happen behind the scenes! Congratulations to Tim Busse on starting your new position in February. We're so excited for you!

Find your next great opportunity!

  • Financial Reporting Manager in Charleston, SC

  • Senior Financial Analyst in Denver, CO

  • Senior Computer Operator in Denver, CO

  • Scrum Master in Denver, CO

  • AP Specialist in Charleston, SC

  • Chief Compliance Officer in Denver, CO

  • Attorney, Complex Liens in Houston, TX

  • Vice President of IT in Denver, CO

  • Sales Executive, Single Events in Houston, TX

Know someone who would be amazing for any of these roles?

Or an awesome company that's building their team?

Connect us with a great candidate or client and you will be Symphonic Rewarded!

Give us a name that turns into a submission or a client meeting: $5 Starbucks gift card 


If your referral gets a client interview, or your referral leads to a search with a new client: $25 Visa/Mastercard gift card


If your referral gets placed, or we make a placement with your referral: $250 Visa/Mastercard gift card and a special thank you surprise!

Last week, we asked our community on LinkedIn, "How do you keep track of your weekly to-do’s?" "Paper and pen" was the most popular response. Continuing our theme of “Unlocking Productivity”, we are sharing some tips and benefits to creating a weekly work plan! If you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list, try out this method of organizing your workload! Click the photo to learn more!

Stay tuned for next quarter's topic, "AI: Friend or Foe." Follow us on social media to participate in polls and stay up to date on all things SymphonicHCM!

That's a wrap on Symphonic News - Volume 7! Let us know what you would like to see in future volumes, and we'll see you next month!

The SymphonicHCM Team

Shana, Laura, Tanya, Olivia and Jay

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