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Onboarding Tips

Did you know that 28% of employees quit after the first 90 days... The main reason is a lackluster onboarding experience. You have one chance to make a first impression, keeping employees engaged and excited from the beginning is critical. Here are some tips for a structured onboarding experience: Onboarding begins before your new hire starts! There is a lot of time between making an offer, accepting an offer and actually starting! Make sure your new team member feels should be touching base weekly before they start. Set clear goals and expectations. 43% of employees who quit before 90 days felt the position didn't align with what they thought they were going to do. Plus...we all want to know what good looks like and what is expected of us. It's hard to meet those expectations if you don't know what they are! Continuous training after the first week. They don't want to feel overwhelmed, confused and in the dark. Employees should feel confident with new projects. Want more tips on how to build a great experience for your new team members? SymphonicHCM specializes in employee engagement, we know how important onboarding is for retention. Collaborate with us for a meaningful onboarding experience! Source: #SymphonicHCM #CollaborateCurrateConnect #LoveWhereYouWork #Onboarding #EmployeeRetention #EmployeeEngagement

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